Evan Edwards
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Address: 2705B Old Fort Pk., Murfreesboro, TN 37129
Phone: 615-907-4006
Website: web.me.com/nexgentheshop/Site/Home.html
Nexgen is a men’s barber shop with a modern garage feel. We have the garage feel because we fix so many bad cuts. Our barbers are the best around!

Current Deals

Unlimited cuts for $25.95 at Nexgen!
Sign up for unlimited cuts for only $25.95 a month and get amonth of unlimited cuts free.
One year service agreement required.
For $15, get a Big Block Haircut!
Precision haircut, hot lather, straightrazor neck clean-up, hot towel.
Face Shave for $15!
Smooth straight razor shave with hot lather, hot towel. Like a facial for men!
Paint Shop -$25!
Soothing 10 minute treatment that discreetly blends hair color for a younger, more natural look.

We’re that shop you wish you had in your area! We fix this $6 cuts and do it with style.

A Small Block, precision haircut for the little ones, is only $13
Beard trims are just $5 and an edge up is $5


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Did You Know? - We've upgraded our appearance, but we are still bringing you the great deals you've come to expect!